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4 years ago

How to restrict the creation of an issue type only by Zephyr?


I use Zephyr Scale on Jira Cloud and was needing to restrict the creation of a certain type of issue only by Zephyr, is this possible?

I searched if, when creating an issue by Zephyr, there was a field, project rule or user linked to that created issue, but I didn't find it. If I have this information, it is possible to make a creation restriction in the issue type workflow.

Can someone help me?

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    Hi, ArturLadeira! Thank you for your question.


    Jira issues creation is controlled by Jira and the screen you see when you click to create an issue from Zephyr Scale is just a shortcut to the issue creation page. Therefore, restrictions on issue types should be configured in Jira itself.


    When creating an issue from Zephyr Scale, you usually get the Reporter field filled automatically with the current user. Does that help?