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2 months ago

How to export actual result data

In one of my project we are using Zephyr scale. My ask is how to export the data entered in the actual results. My testers are entering details in the actual results if something goes wrong.

The expectation is consultants should go to each test case and test step to check if there is any clarification required in the test step.

Is there an option to get this data. Also is there better way to handle this.



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    It is odd that this data isn't exportable in the normal way using reports>export.  The only other method I can suggest exploring is using the API.  The link below takes you to the Get Test Executions endpoint, but there are others within the same section that might be of use.  I have no experience using them so can't say whether they will work or not 

    Zephyr Scale for Jira Cloud API (