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9 months ago

How to execute testcases maintained under folder of cycle using TestComplete in Jira Zephyr

we have created testcases in zephyr and pulled them in cycle summary as follows.

Created Test cycle called Regression and added folders called 'Application-shopping' in these cycle.

Added test 'TAM-3156' in these folder and mapped the same to test script in TestComplete.

After executing the script noticed that TAM-3156 was created in cycle and the test status is updated as passed or failed.

But the once which i had created under folder 'Application-shopping' remains unexecuted .

Is there any solution available for this? 


There was similar question raised for the issue but there was no response for that.

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    Sorry, unable to help - I've not yet used TestComplete.  I'd like to think that SmartBear Support can help you with this given that both products you mention are from SmartBear 🙂