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12 months ago

Export Compare Version reports from Test Cases in Zypher Scale

Zypher Scale allows me to compare different versions of a specific test case under the History tab. This feature works fine, but there is no direct way that the report can be downloaded from Zypher. The only work around I have found is to download page as an HTML, but this will not work for down the road testing. Is there any way that I can export this comparison into a human friendly file format via Zypher.

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    If you're using the Server/DC version of Scale you might have access to some Test Library reports that provide what you're after, but I'm on Cloud and there's nothing for the Test Library yet.


    Some options I can think of:


    1. Copy & Paste into Excel seems to be a good workaround from an intial test - the versions do at least paste into separate columns so that might be an option.


    2. SmartBear support can be reached here: SmartBear Support


    3. There seems to be some APIs to help with test case versions in Cloud: Zephyr Scale for Jira Cloud API (, and I guess you could export all versions of a test case that way and compare

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    +1 - the ability to extract and archive test case history comparisons would be useful for review artifact retention.

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      Thanks! I submitted a bunch of feature requests there, looking forward to seeing which ones make it above the waterline 🙂