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2 years ago

Create a JQL Query that mimics "Issues reported during testing" gadget

I am trying to create a query and I'm not having much luck.


I am trying to mimic the "Issues reported during testing" gadget. This returns all issues created on any project that was the result of whatever criteria you put in (in my case, all Issues created from Executions in specific Test Cycles). This is a very helpful way to monitor Bugs created during testing. However, the gadget is too limited to be useful - you can't sort, you can't customize the columns, you can't filter out resolved issues, etc.


I was hoping to use the more flexible "Filter results" Atlassian gadget and write a query that mimics the "Issues reported during testing" Smartbear gadget - but I cannot seem to make that work using the Advanced Search With JQL Functions. I can't believe not a single one of these allows you to isolate issues created from a Test Cycle. In fact, none appear to even take Test Cycle as a field/value. The Covered By filter only works for Issues linked via Traceability and not those added on the Test Steps of an Execution.


I could be reading this wrong. Any ideas? I'm stumped.

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    Just checking that you're using the Custom Query filter on the dashboard gadgets for maximum flexibility.  I'm assuming it's available to the gadget you're using but I don't have that one available to me (I'm on the Cloud version and assume you're on Server).  While the Custom Query feature won't help with columns, etc., it does offer the ability to select project, test execution results, and much more.


    Re the JQL advanced filters, it looks like some of those should work for you but if not, you could try SmartBear support here: SmartBear Support

  • What about using the impactsTestResult() function to return any jira issues linked to a test execution or one of the execution steps? 

    You won't be able to filter by test cycle except if you additionally link your test cycle to the issue.