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3 years ago

Can any customers running large numbers of automated tests comment on any Jira performance impact?

Can anyone who uploads a large volume of automated test results to Zephyr scale comment on scalability, e.g., whether there has been any performance impact observed on the Jira instance? Is there a need to archive old test executions?

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  • Hi osmolyar 


    I am not a user who uploads large volumes but I will bump this up the list for more traction 🙂 


    Zephyr Scale creates it's own table in your Jira database to house all of your test case management data and analytics, instead of issues of type "test".


    Simply put, this means that you will not experience the typical performance degradation that you might expect from housing hundreds if not thousands of test cases within your Jira instance.


    This is one of the significant  benefit of using Scale vs other TM plugins in Jira. 


    I'm interested in other responses too from our users


    Hope this helps