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3 years ago

Bamboo Zephyr Scale Cloud Integration

We are referring to the following link for connecting Zephyr Scale with Bamboo:

The process we are planning to follow is - Bamboo to download feature files from Zephyr Scale, pass it as an input to my automation tests and the json which will be generated as an output to be pushed back to Zephyr Scale to update test results. However, when trying using this code mentioned above, the feature file which gets downloaded is blank. Also, we tried giving invalid password to check if the connection's correct but still its downloading an empty zip file and passing the build in Bamboo. Could you please help with following pointers:

1. How do we verify if Zephyr Scale and Bamboo connection is achieved?

2. How do we ensure that Bamboo will download feature files from custom folder from Zephyr Scale?


Please guide on above pointers.


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