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August 2021 | TestComplete Community News

Hi TestComplete Community,
Welcome to our monthly news digest for August – let’s start! 



As promised, we’d like to introduce two more members of the TestComplete Team! This time around, we invited the very people who write the TestComplete documentation. We pride ourselves on how thorough and well-written the help articles are for this product, and we’re excited to introduce Julia Klimenkova, Senior Technical Writer, and Alina Blohova, Technical Writer.

We spoke about the challenges the team faces when dealing with feature-packed TestComplete releases (especially now, when the tool is released monthly), touched upon their favorite help topics, and more. Watch the video and feel free to say ‘hi’ to Julia and Alina in the comments!




Find more Inside TestComplete interviews under the TestCompleteTeam label.



For us, it’s important that each community member has access to all free educational resources for TestComplete. If you haven’t enrolled in the TestComplete learning courses in the SmartBear Academy yet, you can do it right now – here's the list of all free courses for TestComplete.

You’re not just getting profound knowledge about the tool, but gaining authority points in the TestComplete Community as well! We assign an Academy Certified badge to all community members who get certificates after successfully completing courses.

Let’s congratulate everyone who passed exams for TestComplete courses last month:



Congratulations! Make sure to share your certificates on LinkedIn and Twitter with a #SmartBear hashtag – let everyone know about your success!



Take a look around at the new community page updates. We’ve implemented some changes that we hope will enhance your overall SmartBear Community experience! When you read conversations, ask questions, give Kudos, share your knowledge – we know it matters. Each activity is extremely important for the SmartBear Community, so we’ve done our best to make it better.


Here are some improvements:

   - A new light main menu with quick navigation across product communities and quick access to the “Ask a Question” button

   - A new design of topic pages to help you concentrate on creating your topic

   - A decreased number of options in the topic and post menus, with only the most important ones left

   - Labels to replace the tag functionality.


Please make sure you select the needed label when submitting a question – this is how we categorize topics Have a question? Let us know!



Last month, we announced the quarterly TestComplete Community Leaders. These are the members who proved the most active and helpful on the forums. Any one of you can become a Community Leader in Q3: just participate in discussions, share solutions, and create useful technical content!

Being a Community Leader isn’t just a fancy community rank – it has a lot of benefits. Learn more about it from this article: 3 Simple Steps to Become a TestComplete Community Leader.

As for now, please join me in congratulating the following community members who showed the most activity last month: 



Most discussed topics

The TestComplete Community had some great tool- and industry-related discussions last month. Big thanks to all participants – you’re enriching the community with your knowledge and experience daily!

Check out July’s biggest discussions:

   - Read entries in browser console

   - ListView - GetCell() method

   - Data generator question

   - Login object cannot be found anymore

   - Why Would A script Record Differently



That’s all for the August TestComplete news digest! Leave your comments below to let us know about your personal highlights in the TestComplete Community.

Have a wonderful August!

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