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5 years ago

Swagger UI help for HttpServletRequest request


I am new to swagger. I need help with my swagger implementation.

I have a store method in my RestController as shown below. I want to use swagger UI for my controller.

public ResponseEntity<?> store(HttpServletRequest request, @RequestHeader(required = false) int expirationTime, @RequestHeader(required = false) String destructiveRead){



The request body has data which can be stored in the DB. I am extracting that data inside the controller using request.getInputStream(). I have used @ApiParam(value="..") for expirationTime and destructiveRead arguments but not sure what/how to use for HttpServletRequest request arguments. When I see my  swagger ui page then there is no way I can post data. I can see the text box to enter  destructiveRead and expirationTime values but there is no text box or text area to enter payload or data to store it.Please see the attached screen shot.I can not change the method signature.

Can anyone please provide any input on this. Than you so much in advance.


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    I guess this isn't right forum for this question.
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    I posted this is on swagger UI forum. Is this not the right one?