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3 years ago

Swagger Specification page has old version

I just found out that version 3.1.0 of the OpenAPI Specification was published on 2021-02-15 (over a year ago!!) but the specification that is published for everyone to follow ( is still version 3.0.3! Can someone please get the public documentation updated? Seems like kind of a big miss to create a new version of the specification and not publish it for over a year.


Also, the "About" page ( has a link to the specification on GitHub that points to the 3.0.2 version.

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  • Hi cwillwer 


    Yeah, OpenAPI 3.1 is a year old! 

    Tooling hasn't caught up with the specification and until we have certain tools updated to work with this new version, it isn't prudent for us to have it as default. 


    It is our biggest mission to get OpenAPI 3.1 support rolled out, and encourage other vendors to adopt it too. It isn't a trivial change (despite the minor version bump) but we're working on it.


    We appreciate you bringing this up, as the documentation should be a priority too. And thanks for the link to 3.0.2 instead of 3.0.3, that's a quick fix.


    If you have any interest in helping support the development of OpenAPI 3.1 tools, feel free to ping me!