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6 years ago

Issue with swagger-UI and Springbootproject - build taking lot of time.

Hi ,


I am using Swagger-ui in my springboot project. I am using Swagger2 and swagger-ui to generate the API docs. 

There are around 98 controller in my project. When ever I am building the project, its taking hell lot of time to get build. also , looks like build is getting hanged.

Below are the statement after which my build is getting hanged / Slow :


2018-11-02 02:13:29.127 INFO 4920 --- [ restartedMain] d.s.w.p.DocumentationPluginsBootstrapper : Found 1 custom documentation plugin(s)
2018-11-02 02:13:29.174 INFO 4920 --- [ restartedMain] s.d.s.w.s.ApiListingReferenceScanner : Scanning for api listing references


Any help is really appreciated.



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