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6 years ago

Changing color for certain description fields on online editor

Hello Everyone, I am looking for some help here with font color.


 I am using online editor which is basically showing yaml code on the left. Is there any color tag I can add under description for any field so I can change the color of the description for some of the APIs.. 


I would appreciate if you guys can help me with this as I am very new to this.



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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hey cricketics!


    Since you're using the online Swagger Editor (presumably at, there isn't a way to modify how documentation is displayed or styled - what you see is what you get.


    However, if you choose to host your own version of Swagger Editor elsewhere, you can add custom CSS to the page to modify the documentation's appearance however you'd like.

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      Hello Kyleshockey, thanks for the response.


      I read somewhere that the files which come as part of the folder which we download from Github, we can edit one of those to change the template and stuff? Isn't that correct. I am talking abou the dist files.