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8 months ago

Any good Open Source - Swagger API for practicing API testing?

as per the title, I have an upcoming project at my company to use for API testing. I'm working on a proof of concept & I'm looking for Open Source APIs in Swagger to test.

I found Swagger Petstore, but I wonder if you guys have other recommendations. What do you usually use for practicing/POC API testing?

I also know about JSONPlaceholder, but I would rather use one API in Swagger. Tks in advance! 

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    I use BankGround API for training and PoC purposes.


    It is easy to understand since it simulates ordinary banking operations, like creating an account, creating a transaction, listing transactions, etc.


    There's a REST and GraphQL API to learn the differences and also a tutorial on how to use the API with sample requests and responses.


    I hope you will enjoy the API.