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31 days ago

Mass import Postman collection/requests into Swagger Explore API/operation

I inherited an old code base that doesn't have any API documentations and I want to use Swagger Hub for it. We fortunately have a collection in Postman for most of the endpoints.

I am following the instructions in the Explore.cli.
Explore What's New - Import Postman Collection | SmartBear Community

I want to confirm the expected behaviours on import of a Postman collection since this feature is not in the documentations yet: I imported a Postman collection json file of about 60 requests.
Each Postman request created an API and within the API contains a singular Operation (e.g. GET /user/).

If so, is there a way to import the entire Postman collection's into a single API with the 60 requests as Operations?

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    The explore.cli verbose said all requests OK with connection created.
    I also tried to add folder with 4 Postman requests but it didn't seem to make a difference when it gets imported as all 4 requests were imported as API with a singular operation.