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5 months ago

YAML - Not being read by Insomnia to create a get bearer token method completely

Having trouble writing a YAML that is read by Insomnia to create the get bearer token request method correctly:
Here is the part of the YAML that should be read by Insominia to create the request method correctly: 
        - token
      description: GetToken
      operationId: GetToken
        description: Get bearer token
        required: true
              type: object
                type: string
                default: thegranttypepropertyvalue
                type: string
                default: theclientidpropvalue
                type: string
                default: theclientsecretpropvalue

When I generate the request collection in Insomnia, the get bearer token method is generated BUT the key-value pairs for the properties are missing in the FORM.

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