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2 years ago

SwaggerHub - Authorize with an authorizingCode. Code not valid



   I've been attempting to get the SwaggerHub to Authorize using OpenId Connect with the authorizingCode flow.

   However, I have not got it working.


   It returns an "invalid_grant" message - when I check the logs on our authorising system they show message of Invalid authorization Code.


   Does anyone know if this is a bug with SwaggerHub, authorizingCode flow is not supported or there's something else I need to do to get it to work? 


    I set the redirectURI to

    Our Authorising system is an Identity 4 one.

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    Hello DeadCat 

    OpenId should be fully supported in swaggerHub as it is supported by OAS 3 (see here for further details).
    We are actually using OKTA as our authentication manager and it works fine so far.
    Can you provide further details of your problem?