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12 months ago

Swagger throttling / Paging / API question

Looking for any tips or help on this. Working with a company to build out a dashboard for some accounting purposes. 


Their Swagger UI API has a throttling policy of 100 objects max at a time. The Q&A says to use "paging" techniques to get more data. I dont see how that makes sense though in my example b/c I need a ton of historical data, and only need it once. Then i could setup paging to add current info daily, b/c its much less records per day. but to build out the historical info, its tens of thousands of objects. i dont see much sense building code to use one time to page thru all history, then be done. 

anyone run into something like this ? any ideas on getting >100 objects at once to build out historical DB? maybe i'm missing something cool about paging? 

i have a ticket open to talk to an account manager but i'm still waiting for a response.


thx in advance

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