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7 years ago

Swagger hub - auto mocking plugin doesn't work


I'm trying to generate auto mock for my API, but I have problem with that.


The mock should be available at:{owner}/{api}/{version}

 I' m getting 404 for this page.


I can see an error in the Api panel:


Last updated:11:34:09 am Nov 10, 2017

SmartBear API Auto Mocking Plugin
Could not generate API mock. Error connecting to API mock VirtServer.


Does it work for you or is there a problem only in my project?



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    7 years ago

    The mock base URL is just the prefix for the operation paths. For example, to call GET /pet/1, you would use


    If you try out the operations in the UI, you will see their corresponding mock URLs in the curl examples.


    The base URL itself will only return a response if you have an operation at the root path /, such as:


    Hope this helps! We'll update the docs to clarify this.

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    Hi Ewelina,


    Could you please post a link to your API so that the devs could have a look? Or if it's private, please share it with the swaggerhub-support user.