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2 years ago

Standardisation errors prevent me from publishing in Teams Licence (not enterprise)

I recently acquired a Teams licence (not an Enterprise Licence).

My API is marked as VALID when I'm editing and saving it however its shows a Standardisation error on the main API list view saying it can be saved but not published.


Since its a Teams licence there is no way to turn off the standardisation rules and no errors are showing when I'm editing.


Any help most appreciated!

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    stuften-sfg  Hi

    Which version are you using for your API? Swagger 2, OAS 3?
    Do you have any way to see which rule is raised?
    Default standardization errors are usually basic and ensure a minimal integrity of the definitions and semantics.

    Can you try to edit your file using the online editor? (here or here)

    May be your file is "Really" in error

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      Thanks chichepo .

      Using OAS 3 and v3.0.0.

      I used Oxygen XML editor to craft the inital API Spec in JSON then loaded into the Swagger editor.


      Schema components, info tags all validate cleanly in the editor and in Oxygen however when returning to home screen where i can see all my APIs in my project it shows the {error} label and does not allow me to inspect the errors.


      I started with a Trial version and played around with the standardisation before purchasing the Teams licence.


      I'm wondering if its carried forward some of those settings into my teams licence.🙄


      I just created a new API using the SImple API template and its showing the same error! So I think its definitely an issue with the editor.