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8 months ago

resloved yaml is having 3 dashes "---" as first line, is removing all comments + adding linebreaks

Hello community.   Some question. Is this normal behavior? whenever we download the resolved yaml i notice big differences with resolved / unresolved. what is the reason behind?   unresolved y...
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    8 months ago

    Hello adriaanbastien 

    I am not sure about the reasons behind the modification of your file when resolving the specification.
    Resolved file is intended to be injected to any "Programmatic" system and it obviously requires to flatten the file before.
    So it may depend on your "resolving" engine"

    When using SwaggerHub resolve option, I got such kind of result:
    on the left, the resolved file.


     Like you see I am using MD language for return characters:

    let us know