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2 years ago

Organization-level integrator landing page

Hi! I'm new to Swaggerhub and trying to get my head around how Swaggerhub can be used from an API client's perspective. I was assuming there would be something like a public organization-level landin...
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    2 years ago

    Good stuff, we're getting there! For the further use case (a portal where you can add more broad info about API usage, authentication, etc.) I would ask, do you and your team use Confluence? We recently launched a SwaggerHub plugin for Confluence that embeds and synchs your SwaggerHub docs within a Confluence portal, but with the added bonus of being able to add the "external" info you've described while still having it synced with any changes that happen to the API design in SwaggerHub. If that sounds like it might do the trick, here's the link to the plugin: