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5 years ago

Optimal workflow for a team using swagger with API Gateway

Hi, we're looking to use the integration with Amazon's API Gateway, having a team of developers and a senior developer that would publish the dev changes to the prod API. We don't want to grant access to the aws console to developers at all. Would be wonderful if they wouldn't have to go to swaggerhub and manually edit the API.


The question is - how do we go about that?


This is how i picture this would go :

1) the developer creates a new API method,

2) adds the markup for swagger-php (or some other lib, looks like this one is the most popular atm?)

3) generates the docs (that can be viewed through swagger-ui)

4) syncs it with the dev API in swaggerhub (?)

5) dev API is integrated and saved to the API Gateway dev API and deployed

6) after tests, dev API is merged into QA API, and saved to the API Gateway QA API, deployed

7) after the review and QA tests, dev API is merged into prod API (?)

8) prod API exported to API Gateway and deployed


First off, does this make any sense? :) If not, what workflow would you suggest instead?

Second, if it does, how do we go about step no.4 and 7?

How do we automate the export process from local docs to the API defined in swaggerhub, and how do we merge one API into another within swaggerhub?

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