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3 years ago

Non-existent required fields


I am wondering why the Validator of SwaggerHub does not report at least a Warning if I have listed a field as required without the field existing in the object?


      type: object
      description: bla bla bla
        - type: object
              $ref: '#/components/schemas/equipmentReference'
        - type: object
              $ref: '#/components/schemas/ISOEquipmentCode'
        - equipmentReference

As can be seen above the object "container" has defined equipmentReference as a required field. Problem is that this field was renamed from equipmentReference --> containerReference

It would be nice if SwaggerHub reports such an error in the Validation

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    As warning like this:

    Whenever a definition is not used in an API would be nice

  • Hi HenrikHL 


    The schema above is valid according to the JSON Schema specification. 


    If you wanted to be stricter (e.g. closed schema), you could set the additionalProperties keyword. 

    additionalProperties: false

    See more information at


    Note even with "additionalProperties: false", the schema is still valid. Instance validation (e.g. linting) could highlight the possible dead-end scenario. See this discussion for more info.


    SwaggerHub will not yet apply the linting for the scenario described in the linked discussion, but it will be merged from our OpenSource (where this has been added) in due course.


    Hope this helps.

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      Hi frankkilcommins ,


      Thank you for your reply and sorry for not getting back. I am aware that the schema is valid - that is not my point. If I declare a definition and not use it I get a validation error:

      I would like the same thing to happen if I mark a field required that does not exist. I would like a warning saying: "Required field does not exist in object" (or something similar)