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4 years ago

Increasing timeout in Try it on in SwaggerHub.

This was message from 2018:

Re: increase gateway timeout period?



Currently you can not increase the timeout period for the "Try-it out" functionality in SwaggerHub.  We do have an open issue internally to provide a way to be able to do this.




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Was this issue resolved since then?  Can we increase timeout period for the Try it out functionality?

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    Since 2019 the request timeout was increased from 10s to 30s.

    According to current documentation the request timeout is not configurable and is set to:

    • 30 seconds in SwaggerHub SaaS
    • 30 seconds in SwaggerHub On-Premise 1.21.0 and later
    • 10 seconds in earlier versions of SwaggerHub On-Premise

    To check OpenAPI 3.0 available features, please refer here.

    Do you need to increase it even more? What value will suit you?