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9 years ago

How does collaboration work?

Hi *,   I granted the 'edit' privilege to two colleague developers.   They are both swaggerhub members.   Now, how to proceed?   My colleagues don't see the shared API definitions in their envi...
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    9 years ago

    Hi again J,


    Collaboration is about which users can edit /your/ APIs.


    If you grant Dave (for instance) edit rights on YourAPI, he can then edit it himself and save those changes.

    This is a big point of focus, and there will be a few updates. Starting with autosuggest in the "add collaborator" (which will be in the next release +/- a day or two)


    Right now, Dave cannot see a list of APIs he's an collaborator on - but we're working on that, as I write this.

    Dave can go to the API page, via a search or direct link. And he'll be able to make changes and save.


    A final note.. only the API owner can unpublish and delete at this point.