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3 years ago

Create Online API documentation for Apache/PHP

I work in the US sales arm of an equipment manager, and have been centrally involved in developing 2 API's.

One for our equipment made in Japan, and another for ancillary related software created in Greece. 

So, I'm in the perfect position for an API 'referee'- working with customers and our vendors to codify the API. 


The product from Greece is written in Visual Studio, for IIS. And, as part of the development, online documentation 
is (apparently) a (welcome) byproduct- the API includes a "(mysite)application.api.index.html" page with the swagger documentation. 

Works Great! 


Now, my other API is written in PHP for Apache. I have crafted an API definition on swaggerhub, but, would like to include this
on the released software, so, when it is installed on their server, they have a local swagger reference. 
Is there any way for me to export the API definition from Swaggerhub, and, import into my web server? 

(I've looked at exporting the HTML documention, but, it's not the same.... )


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  • From SwaggerHub it's essentially a yaml file, or an html page.You can use the integrations to generate it and drop it on github or so, or use the registry API to extract it and drop it on your webserver with an automation server like jenkins.


    To pretty it up if you don't like the standard swagger UI, you could use a doc portal like redocly to create a portal based on a yaml file.