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3 years ago

Compare for breaking changes

We are looking to identify breaking contract changes as part of our CI/CD process.   We have a lot developers working our our API and want to be able to identify these potential breaking contract changes in an automated fashion.


Can this tool be extended to allow us to do this?   Or do you know of a tool that could?

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  • There is a great diff/breaking change tool, it’s a docker container called openapi-diff. 

    I have incorporated it into a ci/cd bash script also using the SwaggerHub Registry API to allow the pipeline to be informed of breaking changes between versions AND wether to “exit 1” (error fail) or not if there are. 

    if you are interested, please contact your Sales person and ask for a call with Micheál Higgins (me). 

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    Yes, I’d like a demo of this.


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