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8 years ago

Codegen not working for my API

Hi,   I'm trying to test out my API, but when I try to create the client SDK, nothing happens when I click one of the menu options. It works fine when I try it for PetStore. My API shows up as vali...
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    8 years ago

    OK I've forked your API and made one other change.  The enum fix was necessary, but you hit another (different) bug in this version of the codegen.


    In your "allOf" constructs, you must have the $ref item first in the array.  It's a bug that is fixed in the next release, but it is a requirement to get around it.  When you have the $ref first, it builds and downloads just fine.


    I've sent you a request to access the fork, please feel free to copy it and update your definition, or just swap the three allOf's.


    Please report back!