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8 years ago

Bitbucket synchronization Exception: null

I am trying to integrate Bitbucket with my SwaggerHub API documentation. I have inserted all the required fields and enabled the the integration. When I make a change though and click save I receive ...
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    8 years ago

    Ok, looks like two things.


    First the error message, "Exception: null", is pretty unhelpful.  We'll get that fixed in the next release which will be in one week.


    Next, you need to tell the integration what you want it to synchronize.  There are three options to do so--please take a look at part 5 of "Configuring BitBucket Sync" in the help document here:



    The short answer is, specify the file in the "provided paths" or "managed paths".  In your case, synchronizing the swagger.yaml file, I'd recommend setting "swagger.yaml" in the managed paths section.  Then, that file and only that file will be updated on each save.


    Please post back with questions!