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7 years ago

Best Practices for Generating Client code & Build library for multiple Swagger Definitions



There are multiple Swagger Definitions. Generating the client code for a language, say Java.


In order to create jar file user needs to compile the code as code generator generate source file.


The questions I got are :


1. Do we need compile and build jar file by service wise?

2. As number of services grow, any optimized way suggested for creating & building the jar files instead of build each service? or Automated approaches?

3. Or is possible that generate code for multiple swagger files and combine them together and build a single jar file?


Any best practices or a customer stories around it to share?


Using swagger-editor docker image for generating code.

Does it have any option, as I couldn't find, for the user to choose the package name for the generated code?


Would be glad to hear from you.

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