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7 years ago

Why does SOAPUI format large attachments?

Hi all,


I am attaching a large XML file to a SOAPUI request.  The file looks like:

<V xmlns:a="f">...</V>

With ... containing 1000 characters (no special letter repeated will suffice).


I am attaching simply by clicking the "Attachment" tab and selecting the file.


But, for some reason, SOAPUI is formatting the attachment.  When I look at the http log, I see it is sending

<V xmlns:a=3D"f">...</V>

With line breaks separating the 1000 characters into chunks.


This is causing trouble at the other end, as the web service cannot load the attachment due to the extra characters.


It seems to have something to do with the namespace.  If I remove it, the extra characters are not added.


Any ideas?

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