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12 years ago

Where are log files stored on SoapUI

Where can one find - Log files with error/debug Messages from Assertions and other failures from tests on SoapUI folder.
I am trying to capture error thrown from my assertions - in UI it is lengthy and scrolls and there is no way to copy - moreover it is useful to know where logs files are directed.


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    SoapUI uses Log4j utility for logging. The default log4j configuration file (soapui-log4j.xml) is located within the bin folder under your parent SoapUI folder.
    If you have not modified this .xml file, your logs can also be found within the same bin folder.

  • Thanks Anand!
    On my prev-post XPATH declaration, I've attached file with error messages & log details.

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      i am following the same procedure but not able to get the logs of my project.

      can you help in finding  me the logs of my project