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5 years ago

WebUI not loading for SOAP MockService deployed as WAR

I'm trying SoapUI for the first time to generate a (SOAP) mock service. Everything works locally when tested through SoapUI.


When I create a WAR with WebUI enabled and deploy to Tomcat 9, the mocking endpoint and ?wsdl endpoints work.

But when I try to load the WebUI, the page is empty.


What works:

[1] http://localhost:8080/soapuimocks/?wsdl

[2] SOAP requests sent to http://localhost:8080/soapuimocks/HelloService


What doesn't work:

http://localhost:8080/soapuimocks/  ==> 200 OK No content

http://localhost:8080/soapuimocks  ==> 200 OK  with following content

<html><head><title>SoapUI MockServices Log for project [Mocking]</title></head><frameset rows="40%,40%,*"><frame src="master"/><frame name="detail" src="detail"/><frame src="log"/></frameset></html>

See screen shot attached.


Please let me know if I'm doing something obviously wrong / need to provide more information to get to root cause.


Thanks in advance!

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    Where did you deploy service?
    what makes you to think the urls (not working) are supposed to work?
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      Hello Rao,


      Thank you for responding to my question.


      >>Where did you deploy service?

      The URL examples I gave are from a local deployment of the war file on a Tomcat 9 running (as a docker container) on my laptop. 


      >>what makes you to think the urls (not working) are supposed to work?

      The documentation below:


      talks about a WebUI option which when enabled provides a console to view request/responses. Isn't the WebUI supposed to work on the URL I tried? If not, what is the URL for WebUI?





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        I'm facing same issue.

        For every requet using SOAPUI, getting response as 

        <title>SoapUI MockServices Log for project [nb-workorder]</title>
        <frameset rows="40%,40%,*">
        <frame src="master"/>
        <frame name="detail" src="detail"/>
        <frame src="log"/>


        Can I know how it is fixed