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9 years ago

Wanting to transfer a json response value to an endpoint of the next REST call

I am using soap ui 5.2.0.  I am creating a test where I need to transfer a json data element from a respone and put it in the endpoint of the next rest client call.

I am using the Property Transfer step. I managed to get the id I wanted from the json respone by choosing Source:[Rest Request Name] Property: Response Path Language: JSONPath.



When I execute the property transfer step I get in the transferred value colum of the transfer log the value  [aef1810c58a9451b9196a4f45f718b28]


I can't workout how to add the return value to the endpoint of the next rest client call

The endpoint I want to update is /bim/api/projects/1879048455/models/9cd9bf1f3bba4689b3c7fac030aded9d

where I need to replace the guid in the endpoint with the one that I received from the previous response.

I have

Target: [Name of the Next Rest Client Call]

Property: Endpoint

PathLanguage: JSONPath


I am not even sure if I should have the old guid in the endpoint or just have /bim/api/projects/1879048455/models/

But if I do that then the original Rest client call does not work.


Could some one please help?





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      Thanks that did the trick :smileyhappy:


      What I did was for my second rest call I added a parameter at resource level as:


      Value=[the guid]




      Then in the target of the property transfer step I put




      I can now run the test suite so that I can get a guid dynamically and assign it to the endpoint of next rest statement to allow me to locate the correct list itme and update the name