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7 years ago

wadl export less detailed than swagger import/how to add schema compliance assertion to swagger api

EDIT - I have tried a different route to convert from swagger.json to wadl format...I used APIMATIC - I find that the wadl looks much closer to what I would expect - so I will attempt to use this wadl for the schema compliance assertion in my test.


I have imported a swagger definition .json file to Soapui and auto generated some tests.  This all seems to work fine.  I wanted to write some assertions that the developed API meets the swagger definition.  If anyone has any ideas about how to do this that would be great. 


The initial approach I have adopted is to generate a .wadl from the project and then use that to do a compliance schema assertion.  However, when I look at the generated .wadl, it doesn't seem to have anything like the detail of the .json I originally imported. 


For example the swagger definition tells me about the properties in the request body needed and the properties of the response object and types of the propertries in the response object.  The generated .wadl doesn't have this detail. 


Thanks for any thoughts!



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