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10 years ago

Using soapui-log4j.xml in base project directory

I've read a few topics that mention I can overwrite the default log4j xml file (that's in bin) by putting one in my project base.

I've done that but it doesn't seem to use it. I'm using soapUI 5.0.0 Pro. I've tried removing the soapui.log4j from the bin directory but that hasn't helped.

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    hi, can you provide more information?
    you have a java program which uses soapui classes? Are you using the SoapUI GUI?

    Yes there are ways to make soapui uses your own log4j configuration file (see viewtopic.php?f=13&t=17250 for instance) but it really depends of the way you uses SoapUI
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    Thanks for the response!
    I use both the GUI and to run my mock. I do use Groovy as part of the mock to retrieve mock responses, but not to initialize the mock, so should be irrelevant. No external Java class calling this.
    There must be a way apart from setting a system property?