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11 years ago

Use Maven Central to host SoapUI artifacts

I've searched the forums and can't find the reason why you use your own repository for the soapui and maven plugins instead of the central Maven repository.
I'm interested because we are behind a firewall and someone was wanting to use soapui in their project.

At least for the open source stuff you have the ability to upload your artifacts directly into the central Maven repository.

This would be helpful in a number of ways

However looking at your pom.xml files they dont have correct information in them and cleaning them up might take a little bit of work.
Is there any planning to fix this?


Disclaimer: I'm on the Apache Maven PMC, so I care a bit more than the average Maven user about artifacts being in Maven Central.

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    I agree with you, I will love this too. Unfortunately, there is work to do before this happens.

    1st of all, even if soapui artifacts were published on central, there would be an issue with their dependencies.

    Before soapui 4.5.2, soapui was built using maven 1. So artifacts in the soapui maven 2 repository where pushed manually without declaring any dependencies. In the maven plugin pom, dependencies were directly declared and this lead to missing dependencies at runtime in almost all versions.
    Additionaly, the soapui maven plugin pom declared dependencies with groupId and artifactId which are not the same that in central. This is maybe something that comes from the old maven 1 build. These artifacts with different maven coordinates are only available on the soapui repository.

    Starting from soapui 4.5.2, the build now uses maven 2/3 so dependency management is now provided directly from the soapui pom.
    But no artifact coordinates migration has been performed.

    I've started working on this (see ... es-groupId)
    A lot of dependencies could be retrieved from central but I am pestimistic about suceeding quickly with all of them
    - some are not on central, for instance, soapui can run embeded web browser; this feature is provided by a proprietary package (teamdev)
    - some seem to have been patched by smartbear (xmlbean-fixed) and I don't know what are the fixes and if the fixes are available on public newer versions
    - some versions need to be upgraded because the current used version is not available on central (rsyntaxtextarea)
    All these need to be discuss with SmartBear

    About the artifacts upload, we are still waiting for the 4.5.2 artifacts whereas this version has been available for almost 2 months (soapui 4.5.2 release date is 22-may-2013). I don't know if SmartBear has planned to change the way artifacts are published (see viewtopic.php?f=2&t=19103)

    There is no also a new issue. Starting from 4.5.2, the soapui repository is declared in the pom. As you mention, this is a bad practice.
    I will discuss with SmartBear about this to make them remove this.

    To finish, the soapui maven repository is unstable, it does not always response when the build request artifact downloads (see viewtopic.php?f=5&t=18565 or viewtopic.php?f=13&t=19404).
    Currently, the only way to have reliable builds is to set up a repository manager and proxy the soapui maven repository.

    Tell me if it is clearer now.
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      This is still an issue, my command line maven cannot download from the smartbear repo, some of the jars I can download manually, but if everything was published to maven central I wouldn't be having to mess about like this, it would just have worked.