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8 years ago

TestSuite Clone

Hello,   I'm using SoapUI 5.0.0 (free)... have a question about cloning a TestSuite.   I created a new project specifically for unit testing.  I built a TestSuite based on the initial WSDL for th...
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    8 years ago

    Yes, you are cloning the Test Suite correctly. What you get is a real clone, i.e. with references to interfaces of the original Test Suite.


    If you need to change the interfaces of the test steps (e.g. Soap Request test steps), you need to visit each of them and change the operation (right-click on the test step, option Change operation).


    There's no direct relation between a test suite (or test case) and the interface (WSDL). That is why you need to change the test step level.


    When I need to make a test project with similar suites for different services (WSDLs), I generate it programatically with Groovy. It takes some more time, but when there are tens of services, it's more efficient. The great thing is when you make a change, it's propagated to all test suites.