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4 years ago

Testrunner and proxy settings

I cannot seem to get to run through a proxy set through the command line.   It works when set in the settings.xml file, but not as an arguement.  Example: ./ -Dhttp.proxy...
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    4 years ago

    Hi vbisbest 


    Don't think you can use this kind of arguments.

    According to the documentation, there's no parameter for proxy configuration: 


    But you could use some custom settings file:

    t : Specifies the workspace settings filed to be used during the test run. If you skip this command-line argument, the runner will use the default file – soapui-settings.xml - that is located in your user directory.

    Use this argument to specify another settings file for the run. It helps you use different proxy, SSL, HTTP and other settings without changing them in your test project.

    Could it be a solution for you ?

    Please let us know.