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4 years ago

Swedish char in filename

Hi all,    I have a script that's read a xml tag and use that name to search för a mtaching XML fil. It works fine sp long as I don't have any SWE char in the file name, but that is sometimes requ...
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    4 years ago
    Hey mats2021,

    I just reread your message and realised i hadnt read it properly. Id still set the charset as ISO_8859-1, HOWEVER, this is not in a payload but a filename that will be in a URL, right?
    In that case you need to ensure the swedish chars are html/percent encoded.
    Html/percent encoding encodes non english alphabet characters, so it'll change a forward slash ( '/') to %2F in a url.

    So an 'o' character with 2 horizontal dots above the character (i dont know what its called in swedish so i cant help search for that, but in english the two dots are knows as 'diaeresis' or 'umlaut' or 'trema' diacritics) encodes as %c3%b6. So in your url youd replace that 'o' with the diaeresis diacritic and replace that single character with its correct html encode of '%c3%b6'

    Hope ive been clear!