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12 months ago

Support soapui-maven-plugin Java 17

Hi folks,


i want to know if the soapui-maven-plugin support java 17. Currently we have some Soap Webservices and a lot of automatic Test are running with the plugin but i am not sure if plugin support Java 17 because the api goes to Jakarta and will be running under jakarta packagename.


Thanks a lot for the Community.

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  • Hello! I am facing the same problem, I would like to upgrade from java 11 to java 17, however with java 17 the soapui-maven-plugin is giving problem. It complains that I am running the plugin (with java 17) with a different java version it was compiled with (probably java 8 or 11).

    Did you find any answer to your question?


    Thank you!

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    It works locally on my machine with Java17 but I don't have Jakarta 

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    Never used jdk17 with and without maven plugin. Facing any problem with jdk17?