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9 years ago

SOAPUI property expansion in attachment content

I want to do the following with SOAPUI 5.2.1:

  • Create a test case template that sends a multipart REST request to a service, including one or more attachments that are XML files
  • Create multiple other test cases that will call the test case template
  • In the attachment of the test case template, I want to define properties like ${#TestCase#prop1}, ${#Project#prop2}, etc. that I'd like to be replaced by SOAPUI property expansion

Some further details:

  • The content type of the attachments is set to text/xml (I also tried application/xml)
  • The file name of the attachment is provided by a property
  • The type is automatically set to UNKNOWN
  • Other property values that are used for parameter values in the same request are passed correctly from the test cases that call the template

Something similar was asked ~5 years ago here, but there are no answers.


Do I miss something or is this simply impossible?

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