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6 years ago

SoapUI Open Source Download Link Broken for Version 5.4.0 / Windows Zip (64-bit Java not included)

I just tried to download the latest SoapUI Open Source version (5.4.0) for windows with download option "Windows Zip (64-bit Java not included) and failed in the beginning. See also attached screenshot WindowsZipVersion_ToBeDownloaded.jpg


Unfortuntely, the download never started automatically. As a result of that, I clicked on the "Click here" link on the page that was pointing to a different location though, see also attached screenshot LinkReferingToDifferentFile.jpg

I adjusted the location to: in a new browser tab and finally I was able to download what I was looking for :smileyhappy:


In case you are running into the same issue, I hope I was able to help until the links on the HTML page are adjusted correspondingly.


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