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6 months ago

SOAPUI JDBC error while creating a table view

Hi, I'm doing a database automation using JDBC request in soapui open source. I'm able to connect to DB2, but getting error while running the below query. WITH AggregatedData AS ( SELECT cont_id ...
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    6 months ago

    Hello Prabaharan


    Since SoapUI and DBVisualizer are probably using different jdbc drivers, you could try to download a recent DB2 jdbc driver and put it in the SoapUI 'lib' folder (readme.txt in 'bin\ext' says otherwise that i don't agree with however).  It might just be some simple syntax or character code that is causing the issue...  maybe remove the last ';' (semi-colon) from the sql and see what happens.  If you copied/pasted the query from someplace that adjusted the character codes that could be an issue (copy and paste to Notepad then copy that and paste into your SoapUI query...  Notepad usually does good job at normalizing character set)...  in otherwords, there might be any number of things that could go wrong that will only be corrected with a little googleing and trial and error.  Maybe identifying the jdbc driver that DBVisualizer uses and replace it in SoapUI.  just my 2 cents...  🙂