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7 years ago

SOAPUI auth2 accessToken automatic refresh

Hello, First of all please accept my apologies if this topic has been already discussed & solved, but believe me I looked everywhere before creating a new ticket.   Coming back to my problem, I am...
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    7 years ago

    Hello to all,

    Finally i managed to solve the issue, though i did not manage to really understand why SoapUi behaves in such a way :)

    The solution would be to add the following syntax within the SOAPUI .xml project file, as part of the Auth2 profile's definition, just before the <con:resourceOwnerName>:



    Do not forget, in my situation i am using Oauth2 authentication with ResourceOwnerClientCredentials flow. i did not check this solution for other auth flows.

    I really hope this will help you all! For me it was such a pain till I managed to find the fix for it.

    Luckily for more than 2 weeks my tests are executed each morning and the token's auto-refresh works like a charm.