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9 years ago

SOAPUI API Test suite will re use the jmeter

Hi Guys,


I have created a RestAPI test suite in  SOAPUI with all the assertion and test step 


Question : It's possible to reuse the same test suite in jemeter for api automation



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    Why do you want to do so? What is your use case? Can't you use load test?
    Once the soapui project is create, execution can be done using SOAPUI_HOME/bin/testrunner.bat/sh utility.
    So, check if jmeter can run a batch file. If yes, then you can run it.
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      Hi Bro 


      I tired use that testrunner.bat file in jmeter 


      It shows only whitespace content allowed before start tag and not @ (position : START-Documents seems)


      My intesion is am planning to create function and regresstion test suite in soapui trail version and same suite am planning to add more performance cases and need to automate in jmeter


      it's possible if yes please guide me that