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3 years ago

SoapUI 5.7.0 -> JMS not supported -> Log4j vulnerability

Hi Community,


since SoapUI 5.6.x and further updates doesn't support HermesJMS anymore, as it says in the following Article and Log4J is only updated for >5.6.x I am looking for a solution for the problem.

I have tried to manually update the libraries in 5.5.x without success.
Furthermore, I wonder why you can check HermesJMS in the installation configuration of 5.6.x and 5.7.x, when it's not even supported anymore.

Do you guys know any solution for testing JMS Messaging over SoapUI without running into the Log4J vulnerability?
Maybe do you have any further tips to get JMS running on >5.6.x?

Thanks for your time.

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