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6 years ago

soap UI Open source- groovy code

I am  trying to fetch data from datasource excel sheet in soap UI using below code but getting error-

 Groovy code-

1. import jxl.*
2. import jxl.write.*

3. def f= new File("\\Entsserver85\\usisqaqc\\Group\\QA

4. def workbook1= Workbook.getWorkbook(f)
5. def sheet1=workbook1.getSheet(0)
6. def rc= sheet1.getRows()
7. rc


error message-

grrovy.lang.missingPropertyException: No Such Property: Workbook for Class: Script 59 error alt line: 5


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  • Hi Nikita,


    Your code looks fine to me, i think the issue is with jar file.


    If you are using SoapUI(Free version), then you manually have to download the latest jar file and store it to :

    C:\Program Files\SmartBear\SoapUI-version\lib