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14 years ago

Send Binary Data in REST Request

I am looking for a way to send a Protocol Buffer request using a REST Request. The content type for the request is application/x-protobuf. I have written a groovy script that creates a byte array representing the request. My question is how do I set the request body to this byte array ?

Looking at the general properties API, I see that they all work on strings and I don't see a way to set a property value to a byte array. Is there a way to set the request body content ? (You can do this using property expansion for only strings)

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  • Hi, I am having the same question, because I need to send compressed/binary data instead of human-readable xml as the content of my POST request.
    Unfortunately there is no answer yet to this old posting. But I hope that someone will answer now when I bring this up again.
    Many thanks in advance!
  • Hi,

    I get exactly the same problem with you. Did you have your answer? Could you please share the solution for everyone?


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      I have the same issue, anyone managed a way to do this?