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12 years ago

Running single testsuite from maven cmd line


I am trying to figure out how to run just one of the testsuites in my project from the maven cmd line.

I have tried putting the testSuite property in the pom, but am having no joy passing the required testsuite name on the cmd line.


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    I figured out that putting this in the pom:

    And then use the following to run a single testsuite

    but not providing this would still run all of the testsuites

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    yes, you're right, the configuration you state in your previous post works because the soapui test runner run all suites when the testSuite parameter is null (ie when you don't provide -DtestSuite="testSuiteName" in the command line)

    Also, if you had configured the pom like this:

    you should have use:

    This means, you use the maven way to pass property to the pom.

    The way I proposed you in my previous post is related to the soapui maven plugin implementation. This is undocumented.
    For almost all parameters, you can provide/override parameter value with

    You can check this in the META-INF/maven/plugin.xml file in the maven-soapui-plugin.jar
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      Hello redfish4ktc2 could we use testsuite or testcase custom property to run specific test case/suite?

      not based on testSuite name in maven project?